March 10, 2017 2 min read


Krazibaker, Northern Ireland’s award winning artisan baker, has teamed up with one of the region’s emerging charcuterie producers to create an innovative twist on a traditional Irish bread.

The bakery, which is owned by Mark Douglas and specialises in traditional griddle baked breads has linked with Ispini Charcuterie in the development of a unique soda bread with Northern Irish chorizo sausage.

Ispini Charcuterie, based on a family farm at Aughnacloy in county Tyrone, recently developed a portfolio of cured meat products including chorizo, salami, lomo and bresaola which are on sale in delis throughout Northern Ireland. The farm based company launched its first cured sausages last year – Ispini is the Irish for sausage.

Douglas, commenting on the new soda bread, says: “What I set out to do was to take a traditional Northern Irish bread product and add flavours which will increase interest in it especially among younger consumers who have enjoyed cured meats on visits overseas.

“There was a time when homes, particularly in rural communities across Northern Ireland, regularly made griddle breads like soda and potato farls and also cured meats including beef and bacon.

“This tradition has been declining over the past few decades. My business model is based on reviving this heritage of griddle baking especially by my participation at farmers’ markets and food shows in Northern Ireland. I’ve also been invited to bake the traditional Northern Irish breads at major events in London and Dublin.

“I’ve decided to add chorizo to both provide a new bread product and to show my support for the emerging artisan charcuterie industry here. There’s a couple of artisan businesses now creating outstandingly tasty chorizo and salami products. It made sense to support them. I’ve also used guanciale from Hannan Meats, an award winning meat, in the past in the sodas and this proved popular at markets across the island,” he adds.

Krazibaker has also gained a series of awards including Great Taste Awards from the UK Guild of Fine Food for traditional breads he has developed including potato apple, a unique Northern Irish product. His traditional Irish shortbread, made using 100 per cent Abernethy Butter, another Northern Irish award winning product, has gained a UK Great Taste Award.

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