Black Strap Molasses & Craft Irish Stout Air Dried Loin (Lomo) - Pack of 6 Retail

One of our signature pieces of charcuterie.  Northern Irish pork loin has been cured and then marinated in a blend of black strap molasses, craft Irish stout, dark rum, juniper & pepper for three weeks.  The loins are then hung and air dried for 3 months minimum. 

The black strap molasses adds a robust bitter-sweet with undertones coming through of the stout and a little bit of saltiness on the tongue makes this an unique piece of Irish charcuterie.  The recipe for our lomo is based on a Belfast bacon cure I found in a local newspaper from 1783!

Sliced and vac packed in 50g packs.  Shelf life 90 days from delivery. RRP £5

Allergens: GLUTEN