Stout and molasses lomo mixed platters (6pack)

These platters contain whole muscle meat- One of our signature pieces of charcuterie.  Northern Irish pork loin has been cured and then marinated in a blend of black strap molasses, craft Irish stout, dark rum, juniper & pepper for three weeks.  The loins are then hung and air dried for 3 months minimum. 

And our two award winning salamis

 Saucisson Sec is the most classic of air dried cured sausages.  Seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and garlic.  The sausages are filled into beef sausages casings before being fermented and air dried. 

 Fennel-  Our version of the Italian classicFinocchiona.  Our fennel salami is seasoned with toasted fennel seeds, black pepper and garlic.  The mix is then filled into beef sausage casings before being fermented and air dried for 6-8 weeks.



Sliced and vac packed in 50g packs.  Shelf life 90 days from delivery. RRP £5

Allergens: GLUTEN