April 30, 2018 1 min read


I received a call from the BBC Food & Farming Programme on Friday past asking me to submit some product for tasting as we have shortlisted for the 'Best Food Producer' category - it was a shock as I never knew we had entered!  But it had to be delivered for Monday.  

We quickly put together some platters and sent them special delivery to London hoping they would arrive in time.  On Tuesday the producer phoned again and told me that I would be receiving a call from Sheila Dillon as part of the judging process.

I thought, ok and was brainstorming all day what I could be asked, getting quite nervous about it all.  2.30pm came and the phone rang,  I answered it for Sheila to say 'Well done' - your in the Final 3!  To be honest I was lost for words which probably ruined any possible radio footage to be gleamed from it.  

We are so proud and honoured to be a finalist, and hopefully when the judges (Sheila Dillon & Andi Oliver) visit us, I will find my tongue again.

Lol, we still can't work out how we were nominated - so a very big thank you to someone out there!  It really lifts your spirits when you see your hard work paying off.



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